If you are a vicar a curate a lay leader an archdeacon an area dean a church leader a churchwarden a bishop work for the Diocese a youth leader

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Here at 3D Coaching we are committed to supporting you in your role in the Church.

This is a page dedicated to you. We know that there are challenges in the Church and that this can feel hard.
That’s why we have gathered our best resources and people to support you in this important Kingdom work.

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Working in the Church there is complexity and challenges from different directions as well as many great opportunities to develop mission and be fruitful in your context. It’s useful to have the space to reflect so you can move forward in a way that works for you. Coaching might be right for you.


Coaching Packages

Find out about the value of coaching over time. This is a safe place to explore gaps and create strategies.


One off coaching

Single session coaching where we can get to the heart of the matter even in one encounter



Facilitation of small groups of people to think in a dymainc and deep way with one another.

Specific interview coaching

A single session of coaching that enables you to gain clairty your application and interview.

Example Questions you could bring to coaching:

My leadership role means that I have many demands on my time: I want to prioritise clergy wellbeing and need some strategies to focus on this.

The people are not listening to each and connecting well: disputes get in the way of us working well together. I need to bring a different approach to leadership.

I feel like I am constantly struggling with the priorities of a busy parish, people connecting with me at all times and never getting to the end of my to-do list.

I’d like to feel like I’m making an impact quickly, and need to be authentic about how I turn up. I want to be intentional and practical about my priorities in the first few months, and not burn myself out with doing everything all at once.

I really want to give my best in these years: what can I do to continue feeling energised and work on some exciting new challenges? 

I find the balance between speaking about myself while being humble is difficult to navigate. Nerves get to me and I don’t give a good account of myself. I’ve not had an interview for years!

I have a different question

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