Claire Pedrick MCC

Claire Pedrick MCC

Managing Partner

“I could say that I am a human who facilitates other people’s thinking. I am a business owner. I am a mother. A friend. A volunteer. A Master Coach with over 11000 hours experience. Author of Simplifying Coaching  All of these are true and  each will impact how we start a conversation. With some definitions you might assign me power which I do not deserve. I’m interested in how we hold presence in coaching and work in partnership in spite of power differences.”

Claire Pedrick is a Master Certified Coach who has been coaching for over 30 years.  She is in demand as a systemic executive coach, mentor coach, coaching supervisor and as a trainer.  Her style is very simple and she is in demand in organisations to develop simplicity in their internal coaches.

As a coach, Claire takes you to the heart of issues enabling you to achieve transformational change in the context of your organisation. She is supportive and challenging, using simple questions that respect your world without allowing you to avoid difficult topics or insights.  The feedback she receives confirms that she is able to provide more help in 10 minutes than many have received through months or years of other interventions. 

Claire established 3D Coaching in the late 1990s and is now the Managing Partner. She developed our coaching skills development programme (Coaching for Excellence/Transforming Conversations) in 2003.  Claire has also developed the coaching container and STOKeRS metamodel as a way of simplifying 3D’s offering and making it more relevant for people at work who will never be coaches and will adopt a coaching style in much, but not all, of their leadership and management.

Claire works regularly with an experienced coach supervisor to ensure that there is always a learning edge to her professional practise.  She holds the Outstanding Contribution to Coaching 2022 award from Henley Business School.

Claire’s accreditation includes:

  • Master Certified Coach with International Coach Federation the largest professional coaching association in the world committed to developing coaching excellence
  • Accredited Coaching Supervisor (Bath Consulting Group)

And training is drawn from many places including:

  • Systemic Practitioner (Coaching Constellations – almost 100 hours training)
  • Foundation and Advanced Course in Coaching Supervision, Bath Consulting Group
  • Supervising in Teams and Organisations, Bath Consulting Group
  • Working with Difference, Bath Consulting Group
  • Mental Health Aware
  • Certificate in Managing Not for Profit and Voluntary Organisations (OU)
  • Graduate Coach University
  • BSc (Hons) Applied Statistics
  • PGCE Mathematics/ Computer Science

She is a member of the ICF

Speaking engagements have included:

  • UK and Global ICF Conferences
  • Local ICF Chapters across the world
  • Chartered Institute of Management/Three Faiths Forum
  • London Leadership Academy Coaching Summit
  • East of England Local Government Association Coaching Forum
  • South West Councils Coaching Conference

“Brilliant and modelled some of the best coaching this assessor has had the opportunity to observe.  True Mastery in motion!” 

A Christian, Claire lives in Worcestershire with her husband and they collect original art. Their second home is a camper van. Every so often she goes for long walks.  In 2022 she covered 600km on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.  Meanwhile, Claire started Letchworth Walks to D’Feet MND a community of walkers doing half marathons and raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association for which she was awarded a Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award.

Claire has written or contributed to a number of books including

“I always came away feeling inspired by our sessions. Claire has amazing gifts in what she does – I wish I could package her up in a box when I move and take her with me! (I did recommend you after my first encounter with 3D more than 5 years ago – the recommendation was taken up, and the friend was as positive as I was about the help received)”


A note from Claire

 “After travelling several days a week for my whole career, lockdown has given me an opportunity to rethink how I work. So I have moved to Worcestershire to embrace a different pace.  I am still working full time for 3D and it is not my intention to travel to deliver coaching, facilitation or training. Of course there will be occasional exceptions. We will continue to offer everything we do online because for some people this will continue to work better. Other 3D team members will be doing on site delivery.”

“When the time comes, there is no coach I would intend to approach other than you. Your help has been invaluable and, as a good coach should, you have held me accountable to answering some difficult questions perhaps I would have preferred not to answer at the time. They were, nevertheless the right questions at the right time.”