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Podcast – Using Coaching with Groups

Su talking with Claire about how you can apply what we know about 1-1 conversations with groups and PCC meetings.

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Appointments – where do you begin?

Su writes: “When we do work around the discernment and appointments process, we look at a simple model to ensure that the focus is in the right place. It’s easy – very easy – to get caught up in the anxieties of what the next post might be: anxieties around the practicalities and the detail as well as the struggle of looking at job ads and feeling hopeless in comparison to the high expectations of the Person Spec!  That’s why we recommend that the starting point in the discernment process is God. And then it’s you (what are your gifts? what do you bring?) And only after reflecting with God, and on you, do you start to look at “them”: which could be about exploring jobs or applying for a particular role.
Jesus told us to pray like this. Start with praising God. Then pray for you and what you need. And then pray for “them” and forgiveness.”


Claire had a conversation with Rev Jane Tillier from Lichfield Diocese who commented that episcope or oversight is another word for super-vision.  Interesting

What are you noticing?

Ed Olsworth-Peter is working towards coaching accreditation with 3D Coaching. He is the  National Adviser for Pioneer Development for the Church of England. As part of his work he is developing resources to help pioneers to grow new forms of church. Footprint is a prototype coaching tool drawn from real examples designed to provide a series of lenses to hold up to new worshipping communities to ask ‘what are we noticing?’ and ‘what does this tell us?’ Ed would be interested in hearing feedback from you if you use this coaching tool which is currently in development. If you’d like to get in touch his email address is ed.olsworth-peter@churchofengland.org

Church – organisation?movement? or what?

This article about eight metaphors or organisation offers some useful lenses. Whether you agree or disagree with any or all, that’s the kind of insight that may generate new thinking?

Save or Savour?

Claire writes: “Ruth and I finished Day 4 of Transforming Conversations last week with a group. One of them had struggled with the process from Day 1 saying it felt too cold and businessy. His comment as he left was ‘God is really here’. That’s a comment we get at every course in churches – and it takes a while for people to feel confident that letting go might just mean letting God.

The memory of that afternoon sat with me for a few days, so I was interested in Gregory Boyle’s article about stance – how are we in conversations – is our tendency to save or savour? “

What are your thoughts?

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