Career Makeover

Career MakeoverIf you keep describing yourself as your current job, you will get another job like it. There is an alternative. Whatever you have done so far, a Career Makeover can help you to begin looking at your skills and experience in a different way which will help you be much clearer about how you do a CV, fill in forms and communicate at interview.

Our first question will be: What needs to be different by the end of the conversation?  Then we will do the work which you need to do so that you will

  • be much clearer how to describe your skills and not your job
  • look at your skills more generically, be able to communicate them more effectively and have ideas of where to start looking for new possibilities, if appropriate.
  • have clarity about how to use evidence in forms and interviews
  • have received honest, supportive and developmental feedback

If your challenge is the interview, you will practice different approaches and receive live feedback.

This is about getting the right job for you. We will help you to present your gifts and skills as you really are, with evidence. No spin. No techniques.

You’ll know you’ve got there because

  • you will have new ideas and will begin to stop feeling trapped
  • it doesn’t take a long time to start looking at things differently
  • it will be a huge relief when you start feeling that you are making choices.

“Thank you so much for the Career Makeover. I got a lot more out of it than I had expected… I really feel that I now have clarity, focus and the drive to pursue my passion. The opening up of possibilities has meant that I have maintained the high that I felt when I left the session. Life and work has now become so exciting! I have recommended you to everyone I know… The Path is fabulous!”

“Thank you SO much for your invaluable help, I really could not have got to this point without your precise advice and wisdom early on in my job search.” AF


£300 inc VAT for a two hour conversation.  Reduced rates available for clergy. Career Makeovers are only available at the office or in our online meeting room.  Call us on 07823 497967 to explore how we can help you.

Our ideas and Career Makeover are drawn from 30 years experience of working with people who want to do something different and don’t know what it is.

“Many thanks for the session on “who the hell am I anyway”. I think you have hit the nail rather better and more exactly than ever before by books or other counsellors.” NT

“I needed to find a new post but also transfer to a very different sector. After the makeover, I was able to identify my transferable skills, create a resource file as the basis for applications using STAR analysis examples, and was able to create an effective short CV which could be amended for each post I applied for. I also understood how to plan my job search as a project, carefully managed at each stage. Now I understand the value of carefully unpacking each role I have undertaken and trying to see it in another language so that it can be transferred. I also learned the value of identifying and cultivating what Claire called ‘angels’ ie networkers who would promote me

Without any doubt, the 2 hours I spent with Claire were the most important I’ve spent with anyone in the last 6 months; and that includes seeing another consultant for similar help/advice.” J