Career Change Ideas

3D’s Ten Steps To a Career Makeover

Aristotle said: “Where your talents and the needs of the world collide, there lies your vocation”.  At 3D, we think that requires us to be clear about where your strengths and passions connect with what the organisation will pay for.

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1   Know what’s in your toolbox

The dream job is where you can use your skills and what you enjoy – and get paid for it.  We meet many people who are unhappy because the job doesn’t fit.

All things being equal, what would you LOVE to do?  Have a good CV that represents who you are and is much more than a list of jobs you have had.

If you’re unsure what you’re naturally good at, have a look at the DiSC Profile which will help confirm for you the style you prefer to use to communicate at work.  It will also help you begin to see what kind of job might fit.

Go Window Shopping

3  Know your purpose

Any job won’t do – because some jobs are so far outside your purpose.  Getting clarity about purpose will really help you begin to get clarity about what fits and what doesn’t.  Here are some ideas whether you have some clues or absolutely no idea where to start…

4  Have a vision and a strategy

Even a vision that says ‘it’s something about communities and technology’ can help you begin to move forward.  Stop tweaking your current job, start thinking big and create a plan to get there… one step at a time.  Clarity will come as you take some action!

5  Look at your situation from other perspectives

Talk to people. Think creatively.  Look at your situation from a completely new perspective.  For example, if your purpose is to develop your own business, and you need money short term or part-time, which you’re getting through temporary work or your current job, start to see that as part of the steps you are taking. However, make sure that you are building the business at the same time!

Be realistic.  There may be a huge gap between what you want to do and where you are now.  Is it fillable?  By training, by getting an in between job?

6 Do The Maths

Be very honest.  Know how much you need to earn, your outgoings, what your income needs to be. Look realistically at different ways of making money through what you want to do.

7  Plan Time To Think

Plan and ring fence time to work on your career search. No action leads to no result!

8 Create your team

Enlist a good reflector to help you. Who do you need to be talking to? Get the influencers who you know to introduce you to other people.

And train your referees

Don’t burn your bridges
…until you are ready. If necessary use holiday or flexi time to shadow jobs you’re interested in and to have the conversations you need to have.

10 Have a good action plan