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Managing Faith in the Workplace

Jackie Nelson from CABE has done a great summary of the evening which you can download from https://www.3dcoaching.com/about_work/managing_faith_in_the_workplace.phtml

Faith at Work

I met Bp Alan Wilson last week for lunch and he went away and found out more about the new legislation about equality and diversity which will affect the issues we’ve been talking about re faith in the workplace.


3D Juggling 384: Meaning

Claire writes: ‘The Work Foundation’s report ‘Inwardness: The Rise of Meaningful Work’ connects with a recent survey which suggested that 70% of employees want fulfillment at work. The challenge is that employers can’t impose meaning and purpose on their employees. Workers will find it on their own, or not. We call it vocation, whether or not someone has a faith.

Aristotle said: ‘Where your talents and the needs of the world collide, there lies your vocation.’ I would expand that by saying that talents are what we are both good at and passionate about.
I spoke to a man last week who was uncertain about future directions. Mid conversation we stopped and I asked: “What will be different if you REALLY know that this workplace is where you are meant to be.” ‘Everything’, he answered. Everything has changed in him. Nothing has changed at work.

Meaning and purpose certainly don’t have to come from faith, but continuing lastw eek’s theme, one of the benefits of valuing faith in the workplace is that people who do have faith will have a priority to serve their employer and to serve God. Hopefully that brings a foundation of purpose. I recently heard a nurse talk about difficulties in a hospital where many staff are disillusioned and wanting to leave. ‘I believe God wants me to do this job. I’m not leaving’ she said. Employers can’t impose meaning and purpose. This nurse has found it for herself.

Do you feel fulfilled at work? And do you create an environment which allows others to find meaning and purpose in what they do?’

PS This connects interestingly with some research on the world in 2018 conducted by the Chartered Institute of Managers.

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3D Juggling 383: Taking all of you to work

Thanks to those of you on LinkedIn who took the time to answer our question: What are the benefits of faith in the workplace? We received loads of responses from those of different faiths and none. We also discovered that if you ask a question on LinkedIn it goes way beyond your own contacts list!

‘Claire writes: Stonewall say – People perform better when they can be themselves.

People work more effectively when they can bring themselves to work. No employer in their right mind would ask their employees to leave their brain outside! So it’s interesting that there can be mixed reactions to people bringing their spirituality or faith to work. Of course we are all primarily employed to do a good job, but there can be huge added value in allowing people to acknowledge their spiritual side at work – whether or not it is connected to faith.

A fellow coach responded to my question by saying: Anyone can experience peace, unconditional love, forgiveness and experience the joy of the present moment regardless of faith, creed, religion, race … perhaps we just need spiritual intelligence.

In fact, Ian Mitroff did some research in the US which he wrote up in his book ‘Spiritual Audit of Corporate America’which discovered that companies that acknowledged spiritual values and aligned them with corporate goals outperformed those who did not.
Are you expecting people to bring all of themselves to work?’

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Faith in the workplace

I’ve just spent two hours in the Surfin Cafe thinking about my forthcoming contribution to the CMI Faith in the workplace forum. There has been a lot in the press in the last few days about people’s desire to find meaning at work. Many people of faith who I have met see their work in corporates as their vocation. There is a tension between what organisations will allow – for political correctness – and what people want. I heard of a corporate this week which won’t allow any mention of Christmas in case it offends people who don’t have a Christian faith. But if people work more effectively when they find meaning and purpose, isn’t it in the employers interest to encourage that? The pay off is huge.

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