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3D Ideas 735: Why 3D?

3D coaching-cube 1 (2)Claire writes: “We are (nearly) all back from working more lightly over the summer. We hope you have also had a change of pace.
Over the last few weeks several people have asked why we are called 3D Coaching… so here’s where it came from.  When I started up in the late 1990s, much of what I was doing was with people who wanted a different job with more purpose that aligned with who they were.  It was the beginning of domain names and I was advised not to call the business Claire Pedrick Associates.  A wise piece of advice as now 3D is much bigger than me.  Based on Who/ What/ Why, seemed a bit of a mouthful.  It was my Dad who came up with 3D Coaching in a thinking together conversation and it felt like it fitted.  Interestingly, the definition of the 3D has changed several times over the years.  At the moment it’s about looking at things from a different dimension.
We are on a journey and no doubt the meaning of 3D will continue to emerge into something new.  Coaching underpins everything we do, although it’s not a word I like – we facilitate people’s thinking. But we aren’t planning to change our name!”
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3D Juggling 617: Why why is useful sometimes

Last week we said goodbye to Liz Ford one of our team of coaches.  Thanks, Liz, for all that you brought to the team.  We wish you well in the future.

Claire writes: “I have never been a great fan of the question why, because often people can’t answer a question about why they want a job, or did something.  But as Simon Sinek points out in this TED Video, when people know why they do what they do and understand enough about their purpose, it makes all the difference.

“People don’t buy what you do; people buy why you do it.”, he says and that’s why “Martin Luther King gave the ‘I have a dream’ speech, not the ‘I have a plan’ speech.”

If you look at it like that, I love why!

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3D Juggling 615: What do people come to you for?

Claire writes: “The more we work with people changing jobs, the more I realise that many of us don’t know what we can do.  We get on with our jobs and our lives without giving much time or attention to noticing the skills and gifts that we are using every day. Which is fine until it comes to changing tack on our career path and a CV that says I have done a job quite like the job I am applying for is no longer enough.  And whether we are thinking about what other kinds of role might be suitable for someone like us, or trying to get short listed for a job that we know deep down we could do, we suddenly need to be fluent enough in describing our skills – with evidence.

Last week I heard a coach ask a great question – “What do people come to you for?”.  That gives some helpful insight into the gifts and skills and style of working that is valued by others.  Another useful tool might be to say – if I was applying for a job alongside someone who had a very similar biography to mine but was not very good at the job, how would I describe what was different about the way I work?  Because in the end, we need to understand what we can do, and be able to describe it enough, if we are going to be able to discern what a job move might be, or help a potential employer decide that we are the person they would like to do the role.”

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3D Juggling 596: Making a Difference

Happy Christmas!  We will be closing the office later this week and will reopen on Friday January 4th. See you on the other side!

Claire writes: “We usually get a flurry of interest in Career Makeovers after the Christmas break.  This year it’s come a little early and we have been having really interesting conversations with people about what next?  Often, we find, when people are looking for a change of career and they are not sure what that might be, they say ‘I want to make a difference’.  As Julia Butterfly Hill an Eco Activist said, “The question is not ‘Can you make a difference?’ You already do make a difference. It’s just a matter of what kind of difference you want to make, during your life on this planet.”  

Changing the question can really help.  So if you know you want to make a difference, what kind of a difference do you want to make?  And what kind of a difference will be enough? Think about it…”

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Stuck in your job?

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3D Juggling 489: Jam

Claire writes: “I was having Greek Salad for lunch during one of our courses when a delegate asked me: So is your work thick jam or thin jam?

We began to talk and it helped me to really understand that our purpose is to meet people for a short period of time and then for them to begin to engage differently with their work or career.  Thin jam.

I’m not keen on reusing questions but it has proved to be useful in many different contexts.  I recently asked a Board of Trustees the jam question about their operational work.  It’s a great career change question when people are considering whether they wish to have a deep impact with a small group of people or a wider impact with a larger group.  And if your organisation is restructuring it’s a great question to reclarify your purpose within the organisation.

So what’s your purpose: Thick jam or thin jam?”

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3D Juggling 545: The Banks of the Yangtze

Claire writes: “I would be a millionaire if I was paid £1 for every time I have used this Chinese proverb in training. I learned it as a child:

The Banks of the Yangtze give it depth, drive and direction

  • Unless we make a clear agreement about the boundaries of a conversation, it may lack depth, drive and direction
  • Unless we are clear what a meeting is for, it may lack depth, drive and direction
  • Maybe we can do anything, but unless we have depth, drive and direction, we may not get there!

Think about it…”

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3D Juggling 440: Destinations

Claire writes: ‘On our holiday last week with only 20m visibility in the Dorset fog, we had to hold on to the hope that we would end up in Dorchester. And we did! I had been reading ‘Woman on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown’ a hysterical novel by Guardian journalist Lorna Martin. The lead character says “If you don’t have a destination, you can never fail to get there, but you will end up drifting along forever.”

Look around, and those who know what they are working for tend to be much happier and more fulfilled at work than those who don’t. Purpose is really important. In his book ‘Path to Purpose‘, academic Patrick Damon’s research supports this. He expands to say that purpose also needs to include other people. Which is what Aristotle said all along: where your talents and the needs of the world collide, there lies your vocation.

Where is yours? Or are you still in the fog?

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