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3D Juggling 536: The Cake Shop

We are having more career makeover conversations than usual. And there really is hope in uncertain times:

“Thanks for the conversation. It was incredibly helpful – and I’m still processing the discussion. The thing I need to hang on to more than anything else, though, is that I got out of bed on Tuesday morning with a smile on my face and a sense of liberation and possibility”    

Lynn writes: “I was recently working with a nursing team whose services were being decommissioned.  It was a hard time for them; not only were they worried about how to find a new job but they were also grieving for the loss of a service they had a right to be proud of.

As we looked at their CVs and scanned for new opportunities they continuously looked for nursing roles and were stuck as what they wanted to do was what they had to leave behind.  The breakthrough came for one participant when asked “If you could do anything – what would you do?”  Her instant reply:  “I’d open a cake shop”. Immediately she was able to see possibilities of using her skills and passion and began exploring who to talk to, where she would have opportunities to sell and how she could make this financially viable by doing some part time agency work whilst she built the other business.

I told this story at the last career makeover day, and one of the delegates got really clear on what she had to do: “I need to find what is my cake shop?”

What’s yours? Think about it…”

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3D Juggling 505: David’s Trees

David has been a loyal reader of 3D Juggling for many years.  He writes: “Fourteen years ago we moved into a house with a dozen attractive small bushes outside the front door. Each year they were pruned, but each year they grew to the extent that for the last 3 years we have said what an eyesore they are; but we did nothing about them.

This morning the sun shone and we took a saw to the worst of them, drastically pruned the rest and so opened up the vista so that we could again see the horses in the adjacent field and the cones on the cedar tree.

As I laboured I reflected on how many things there might be in my life which had grown to a point where they were taken for granted without me having the courage to do anything about them. With courage to act, time can be created for new visions and new activities that could enrich our lives.

Are there any bushes in your life which could be pruned or cut down to make your life better?”

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3D Juggling 496: Inspired to what?

Claire writes: “I ran a workshop last week for an organisation who have had to make some of their roles redundant. We were exploring how to apply for a completely different kind of job.

Some of the feedback was that it was inspiring.

I like being inspired. It excites me. It’s interesting. It challenges. Sometimes it makes me feel good.  And it’s only a feeling unless it leads me to take action. Otherwise it will fade and disappear.

So next time you feel inspired ask yourself: What am I going to do now? And do it!!”

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3D Juggling 430: Market Trader

Claire writes: ‘We move into our new office next week. It’s in a Business Centre. We’re looking forward to getting to know the neighbours and I’m wondering what will be different about my working style on office days which are spent in the hub of a business centre and not the home office.

When are we doing a job? And when are we running a business? Is your approach to work like the team member in Tesco – it’s a job? Or like the market trader – it’s a business? Most organisations that we work in have an internal market now where work is commissioned and supplied almost on a tendering basis. If you don’t put in the best bid, someone else gets the work. If you don’t have a clear offering with clear returns on investment, someone else will get the work. This is a huge shift from the working style which you may be comfortable with. And it also has benefits for the business – people are clearer about what they do and how they will do it.

In an internal market, you also need to begin to sell yourself in a different way. In Creating you and Co, William Bridges recommends that we stop simply looking for jobs and start seeing ourselves as Me PLC by noticing the markets where our skills can be used in our workplace, creating that into a product that the business wants and then selling that internally in our organisation. If your job is under threat you can choose to sit and wait to discover whether the hatchet hits your post. Or you can start seeing what Me PLC brings to the market.

And if you hate your job, Me PLC has another benefit. Imagine that today is the first day of a new contract between Me PLC and your current employer. What else do you need to be doing now to develop Me PLC?’

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3D Juggling 395: Brunch

Claire writes: “We had a big family celebration last weekend and went out for Sunday Lunch at a restaurant in the Midlands which is hoping, with reason, for a Michelin star. My brother has been there before and we had high expectations and felt lucky to get a table. On arrival we were handed the brunch menu. There were 2 lunch choices – roast lamb or duck salad. The rest was definitely skewed towards breakfast. When we enquired about starters we were told that we could choose from the menu. Didn’t fancy porridge or croissants! And even more surprisingly we were brought blueberry muffins… with the wine!

Whether we are selling a meal or ourselves, it’s important to be clear about what we are selling. It’s equally important that we consider what the customer or organisation want. It won’t surprise you to know that there were only 12 people in this restaurant at peak Sunday lunchtime.

If you’re looking at a change of job, how are you going to find out what the organisation wants? And how will you sell them what you bring? Because you may have many more transferable skills than you think… but it’s all in the marketing and how you communicate that. If they want a main course, they won’t be looking for blueberry muffins! But you could sell another item using the same or similar ingredients. After all adding smoked salmon could have produced smoked salmon blinis with blueberry coulis.”

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