3D Juggling 589: Pear Shaped Meetings

If this is Juggling number 589, we have been writing it for over 11 years, which is about the length of time it has taken for Claire to acquire the necessary hours and expertise to finally be awarded the Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation.  There are only 20 MCCs in the UK and she was not able to carry into the process the ten years of 1-1s she did when neither she nor her clients knew she was coaching.  She has also gained formal accreditation as a Coaching Supervisor in the last few weeks. Congratulations!

Claire writes: “Every day someone tells us about a meeting which hasn’t been as productive as it could be, or which has just been a way to fill time.  We notice that when meetings go pear shaped, people often don’t feel confident to raise that because they don’t know what to do next.  What a huge responsibility!

Actually, if the meeting is to be in service of the organisation and respectful of its’ members time, surely that responsibility can be shared?  What will you do now if you really understand that your role is to notice and say what you see… and that the responsibility for what to do next lies with the group?

Get it and don’t know what to say?  Try this – I notice that we have gone off track here/ I am wondering what we are really thinking/ etc.  What needs to happen now?

Think about it…”

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