3D Juggling 586: Knowledge Junkies

Claire writes: “This week has held all kinds of connections and crossovers.  On Monday I was staying in a Premier Inn in Nottingham and preparing for an event talking to parents about employabilty.  The customer service was brilliant.  Often I feel as though I am listening to a recorded message when I check in to a hotel, but the service there was outstanding – including us being given a breakfast for free because ‘you didn’t have much’. They had absorbed the rules and applied them with humanity. That’s one of the skills employers are looking for in new recruits out of school or university

That emotionally intelligent customer service reminded me of the Jung quotation I had heard that morning in a conversation about coaching: “Learn your theories as well as you can, but put them aside when you touch the miracle of the living soul“. That’s what we wrote on the flip chart for the coaching skills training the next day as we encouraged our delegates to trust themselves and the process.

Where do you need to learn theories?  And where does the learning junkie in you need to trust the process? Think about it…”

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