3D Juggling 577: Popcorn Moments

Claire writes:  “We had a great start to the latest open Coaching for Excellence last week and it reminded me a popcorn moment which another recent delegate used to describe too much curiosity.

How often have you been in a one to one when, instead of having the conversation you need to have, you spend a long time listening to a very interesting story.  Because you’re interested. So interested that you have almost opened the popcorn to sit down and listen the whole show.

I agree with those who advocate that narrative and story are an important part of learning.  But too much narrative and story can make it easy to avoid the conversation that needs to be had.  You’ll only know if you need the narrative if you ask them – do I need to hear it (apart from curiosity), or do you need to say it in order to understand? Think about it…”

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