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3D Juggling 569: Changing Hats

Claire writes: ‘Most of us are in multiple roles – we may be the manager, friend and supervisor of a colleague; we may the parent, the nurturer and the performance manager at home.  And we are changing roles all the time.

This can be confusing to the person we are talking with.  Are you saying that you think another job would be great for me as my friend? I receive that as supportive and developmental feedback. Or as my manager when I may think you are preparing to fire me?

In coaching, you may be tempted to change hats to consultant, counsellor, manager, supervisor, mentor, pastor or spiritual director.  In pure coaching that is actually unethical, but many people operate in several arenas.  What’s important is that you ask the consent of your client to change, only do so if they agree – and then change back.

Next time you shift roles think about whether what you are about to say could be read as ambiguous – and tell your companion which hat you’re wearing.  Don’t expect them to take the role of mind reader? Think about it…’

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Other hats

This has absolutely nothing to do with Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats except that it reminds us of them.  They’re useful.  If you don’t know what they are, have a look at a summary or a video if that will work better for you (fast forward the beginning)

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