3D Juggling 555: Why didn’t they do it?

Jane writes: “At the end of a management development programme I attended many years ago the facilitator drew a tombstone on the flip chart which bore the legend ‘Knew it but didn’t do it’.  The message was clear – go out and put what you’ve learned into practice!  Knowing what to do and how to do it isn’t enough, but taking action can often be really difficult.

When we work with clients we help them to explore alternative ideas and solutions.  We assume that these exist and encourage them to consider this by asking ‘what else?’ until no more emerge.  Sometimes we’ll contribute a suggestion to encourage more thinking – although it’s only ever a suggestion, never a proposal.  When they come up with something and then dismiss is, we ask ‘why not?’ or ‘what would make that possible?’ The more options, the more likely that they’ll find one, or a combination of them, that they can really commit to undertaking.  And then we’ll help them to work out how to make it happen.  Then they do it.

This involves Creating Awareness and Designing Actions, numbers 8 and 9 of the ICF Core Competencies

What aren’t you applying?  Think about it…”

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