Rebi writes “One of the first things I do when I get in my car is type my destination into Google Maps, in the hope that it will tell me the quickest route to get to where I want to be. The aim is speed and efficiency, and most of the time I’m not bothered about taking the scenic route!

In a project recently, I hit a brick wall and it was only by getting stuck that I discovered where I needed to go next. The fastest possible route was not necessarily the most useful or resourceful. This resonated with me as I thought about using a coaching approach in our conversations.

Our aim can sometimes be the ‘sat nav’ approach – ‘let’s get to the solution in the quickest time possible’ – but I wonder if that leaves space and time for us to gather all that we or our colleague needs along the way.

By slowing down and noticing – maybe we will see the moments where we or the people we work with need us to journey with them on their route, rather than us choosing the route for them. That means taking a little less control and trusting that the process will give everyone all they need to move forward in their thinking.”

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