Claire writes: “On one of my long lunchtime walks last week, Alan and I were on the phone talking about leadership.  We were thinking about how the lockdown is raising questions for leaders:

  • what do we drop?
  • what do we hold lightly?
  • and how do we open our hands to have the capacity to receive

Great Leaders don’t cling to stuff. They lay some things down gently. They throw some away, and they hold some things more lightly so they can pick up other things

The adeptness of the juggler is management. And an essential hidden skill of leadership.”

We are aware that you might be overwhelmed with work or family responsibilities and you may have too much space. If learning is part of your lockdown life, we have a variety of online opportunities for CPD that start after Easter and runs through the early part of the summer:

DIP – we continue to record our free Coaching Inn podcasts with interesting people. The ethics ones can be used for coaches looking for the 3 hours ethics training required by ICF. Or join Claire for a complimentary hour to Refresh what you are learning about coaching.

DIVE – the world is experiencing trauma at one level or another – join Claire and Liz Behnke for a half day training (29th April) for coaches wanting to be mental health aware.

Action Learning is a great way to develop people and we have been running training to facilitate this online for a number of years. Next online training starts 21st May.

DEEP DIVE – if you are looking for some high quality coach training or CPD, join Claire on Lockdown Tuesdays for 24 hours of live Masterclasses on each of the new ICF Core Competencies – with a Practicum each week. (50% discount on normal online cost – and you can pay in installments).

Mentor Coaching Group if you are renewing your  ACC starts 8 June, and Peronel is ready to start a new mentor coaching group for anyone going for ACC or PCC on Mondays 16.30-17.30 (UK)

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