3D Ideas 882: The Least

We are launching a podcast! It’s called The Coaching Inn. In the first one, Su explores using coaching with groups in churches. Claire will be recording the next one later this week on coaching and safeguarding with Nicky Brownjohn, a coach and safeguarding adviser. You can read the blog post that started the safeguarding discussion here.

Claire writes: “We spent the weekend with friends who are downsizing to live on a narrow boat for a year. They are thinking about the least they need to keep to allow them to enjoy life. That is different from the most they can fit on the boat. It got me thinking about how often we try and fit the most in, rather than exploring what the least would look like.

Someone called on Friday to talk about Action Learning Set Facilitator Training.  He wanted to know if we offer accredited courses or qualifications. Although all our training can be used as part of ICF accreditation, we teach the least people need to know in order to be able to do a good job as facilitators. We could offer qualifications but it would cost more, they would have to come for longer and it might not add the equivalent extra value.

When I am listening to others coaching or mentoring, we regularly wonder together: What’s the least you need to say for them to move forward in their thinking?

Less is more is at the heart of 3D Coaching’s philosophy.”

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