Without doubt, the best way to escalate our learning as coaches is to watch coaching as much as it is to practice it. It is in the noticing chair where we notice all the things we miss when we are focusing on asking quality questions! If you’re trained as a coach with 3D or elsewhere, Join Claire P for a one-off two hour practicum 7th October.

Claire writes: “A warm welcome to Ness Callis who has joined us as admin assistant.  Ness has joined us to make sure that we have the capacity to continue to deliver high quality work.  It means that we are working out, in the office, who does what.

I was inspired by an article from the Alban Institute which asked the question of leaders ‘What can only I do?’ It’s a very useful question.  It informs our decisions from admin tasks through to deployment and delivery.  Sometimes the answer to the question is the right answer. Sometimes it means that we have to share knowledge more.  It is not OK that I am the only one who can descale the coffee machine!

We don’t always get it right. And it’s always useful to hold the question.”

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