3D Ideas 766: Complexity

Claire writes: A reflection after last week’s blog: “I went into last week’s events thinking about power.  At the UKICF coaching conference, it was interesting to notice the hunger for models and things.  A Transforming Conversations course for the rest of the week brought plenty of dialogue and lots of learning.  Which leaves me with some questions:


If it’s possible to get a slapped wrist on Twitter, I have had one.  The night before giving a keynote at a conference about coaching being Deeply Simple, I had a drink in the bar with someone who is very well known in the world of coaching and organisations.  He told me that he’d done some research into things that are simple and not simplistic and come up with a useful word to describe it – simplexity.  Flattered that he liked my subject and agreed with me on the importance of simplicity, I tweeted about it.  Only to receive a tweet: ‘Oh dear, what happened to clean, easy language.  We should be role modelling this in #coaching, in my opinion.’


I am increasingly of the view that when we are complicated about things that can be simple, we are taking the power.  It’s easy to be complicated.  It not easy to be simple.  And it works!”


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