3D Ideas 737: Treadmill

fitness-957115_1920Claire writes: “We have a saying in the office after a holiday: The purpose of the first day back is to get to the end of the day!
I’m noticing lots of people are coming back from breaks with some resolution to apply some of the reflections that the break brought.  And yet,  too often, getting back on a running machine going at 70mph when you have been going at 4mph means that we slot back into getting ‘up to speed’ and only remember our promise to ourselves or those around us – on the next break.
A surprise learning for me, after a summer of lots of walks in the countryside on my own, was that the three days I had slipped in before anyone knew I was here were fun and productive and far more than survival.  Something to apply in the future that for me re-entry is much easier when I don’t need to talk!
Did you learn anything last time you had some time off?  And…?
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