Nathan writes, “I recently cycled around the Isle of Wight with my third oldest son. It was a fantastic experience. We bonded in ways that I would never have imagined. 

I noticed that I tend to race off, especially when I get excited as I love the thrill of going down hills at high speed. I had failed to notice that I was sitting on a racing bike, and my son was sitting on a rather odd mountain bike. Therefore, my ability to go down hills was far faster than his. This meant that we often got separated, which slowed us down as I would have to stop and look back and find out where he was. He also didn’t like it when I broke our cycling partnership by riding off without him.  

My big lesson is to be aware of who you’re travelling with and make sure you modify your speed so that you can be together, otherwise you’ll just be travelling alone. And if you are travelling alone, you’d miss out on a whole experience of companionship, connection and laughs.” 

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