Claire writes: “There are a lot of words around in the world. Sometimes deep meaning and wisdom can come from a few words.  And when we hear a lot of words, we can get lost in them. I know that I am someone who has to speak to know what I am thinking. That’s great.  And it can confuse others!

In my work, I spend a lot of time watching videos of coaches coaching.  A lot of the deepest learning comes from watching how thinkers respond to how coaches coach. You can see the thinker catch a part of what is being said, and begin to develop their own thinking. You can also see when they stop that glimmer of thinking and start listening to the coach continue talking.

In a recent coaching supervision group, we were exploring this.  I wonder whether there are three phases when people need to talk to think.

  1. I talk to think
  2. I get to the point
  3. I explain it again – just in case the other person didn’t get it. But of course they did. Because they were there when I was thinking out loud!

If you know this is you, whether you are a coach or something else, a great way to reduce the volume of words is to simply stop after step 2!  

Over time, for coaches, you might notice that the thinker picks up and runs with their own thinking before you have got to the end of Step 1. 

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