Nathan writes, “I recently participated in a walking coaching session. It highlighted my difficulty with time awareness, and walking added to the challenge, as I didn’t want to keep checking my watch.

As I reflected on the coaching session, I realised we were walking a familiar route with several landmarks, so I tried a different approach. Instead of focusing on time, I used landmarks as reference points. For example, I asked, “Where would you like to be by the time we reach the garage?” or “What do you want to accomplish by the time we get to the river?” Knowing the distance to these landmarks, I could say, “We have about 200 meters to go. What steps can we take in the next 200 meters to help you move forward?”

Checking in on landmarks was incredibly helpful and liberating for me. I believe it also transformed our conversation because time became flexible. Sometimes, we walked faster, and sometimes slower. This was interesting, and although it may not work for all situations, I recommend incorporating a walking coaching session into your work, as it’s an intriguing way to play with time.

Have you tried this approach? I’d love to hear your reflections on it.”

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