Some highlights from our team this month :

Su : “I really enjoyed working with Ulster University on their Leadership Programme, introducing the Action Learning Set model that they will be utilising to expand and developing their learning over the next few months. Really engaged people, a great team to be with, and what a beautiful place. There was some adaption required to meet the needs of this work, and emergent thinking as people explored the potential and what it might mean for them. Some good “live” practice completed our session. What did I learn? The impact of using real, recognisable examples brought by them. “

Zoe : “Meeting lots of people who haven’t experienced coaching before and seeing their surprise at how quickly new insights can come! Partnering with people as they discover new ideas and possibilities is always a joy.”

Ruth : “My highlights have been dozens of Mentor coaching calls – from which I learn loads. Also some energising in person training delivering TC.”

Rebi : “Introducing Action Learning Sets to our Level 1 cohort, seeing how it helped to deepen their coaching skills but also how powerful and deep the work can be when there is high trust and rapport in a room – a joy to train and facilitate.” 

Claire : “I decided to take June off, be off grid, no work, and travel in our 4.35 square metres of micro-home.

  • Even though we hardly took anything, we took too much stuff!
  • The space didn’t feel small
  • I deleted almost all the apps. After Duolingo Spanish lessons (which were super useful) and Wordle, the phone only came out to take photos. My relationship with my phone is different now. Lots of things won’t go back – and I am thinking of getting an exclusively work phone.
  • Having a plan and not a plan allowed us to follow the sun (what sun there was!) through Northern Spain, the Mediterranean and up through Central France
  • It took more than 2 weeks to decompress
  • Lockdown, Life and Stuff had meant I had lost my love for reading novels. 15 novels read – and haven’t even been in the room with the TV since we got back!”

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