International Coaching Week is in May and we spent some time thinking how we could make an impact without being sell-y. Building on the success of the supervision community monthly cafe, we opened the cafe doors to the coaching world!

And it was great that the Coaches Walk in the Malvern Hills was 12 coaches including someone who had come from Australia!  The Coaches Walking group on Linked In now has over 400 members. It’s amazing what happens when you invite others into a free community building idea.

Going Deeper: The Story 

When people on different courses keep saying they’d like to do it again, you have to listen. Now it’s happened after Action Learning Facilitator Training, Simplifying Coaching and Coaching with Presence. Su got there first, so Action Learning Set Facilitator Training Going Deeper starts in June

Claire and Stuart have a plan for presence in a notebook that will emerge!  Meanwhile the Presence training will also be online which is super exciting and we have finally found the right trainer – Andy Cain.  Bit of a revelation this week to realise that loosening up our work spaces by participating in improv from our work computer could have kinds of other great consequences!

It’s Spring in the UK – nearly summer, so holidays coming up for everyone. is always the place to find the one who stayed in the office!

We are still working on becoming a bit less of a secret.  You’d think after almost 30 years of this we wouldn’t still find things we aren’t talking about!

If you have read any of Claire’s books, a rating/ review on GoodReads or Amazon makes a huge difference to us.  Talking of which, The Human Behind The Coach was shortlisted for the Business Book Awards this month – the big reveal is in September. Clicking follow or subscribe on the podcast and YouTube is also a huge gift to us.

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