Su writes “I’m struck by a particularly brilliant Coaching Inn episode, where there was discussion about the relationship with the coach replicating the one we have with our dentist: regular check-ups twice a year, with the opportunity to book in when there’s something particular that needs further exploration! Although for some of us a visit to the dentist does induce some dread – and I’m not sure that’s what we want people to be feeling as they come to their coaching session – I  thought it was something worth experimenting with! 

So if you’re interested in building a long-term partnership with a coach that you see twice a year, but that you can call on more frequently when there’s something nagging, do get in contact with me. I think we can explore how this will work for you. And you will know, as I know with my dentist, that you have safety in being in this long-term, enabling partnership which is about you and your development and growth.”

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