Rebi writes: ‘During our last cohort of Action Learning Set Facilitator Training, it was so brilliant to see 3D’s principle of being unconditionally positive about time come alive! 

At the end of one of the practices, the feedback was about how spacious the 20 minutes had felt. It was interesting to me that this was the first practice where time had been named and shared positively by the facilitator at the earliest point in the session. 10 minutes in, the facilitator lightly mentioned the time that was left. This was in contrast to the other practices which had felt quite rushed and panicked – leaving both the set members and presenter to all feel the time pressure. Every practice was the same length –  20 minutes. 

It was brilliant to watch how the positive mentioning of time, early in the conversation, brought such spaciousness. So often, I think, we worry that if we mention the time we have left, we are somehow going to increase the sense of scarcity and rushedness. And yet so many times we see that the opposite is true. 

In all our training contexts, our practice sessions are always about 20 minutes – and it’s always enough time! Check this out for real in our next coaching demo.

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