Claire writes, “January has been an opportunity for some in person development. Claire and Rebi met for a day to simplify the Supervision Community. It’s amazing the depth of insight that comes on the walk to lunch – in between the focussed work! And the office team also met in person in Welwyn.

Our Level 1 Coach Training is receiving great reviews. Claire’s conversation at The Coaching Inn with Kate Caroe made the penny drop that we give people space to do their own good learning. And this week we started the Level 2 training. Another space for people to do even deeper learning. And we are proud of the partnerships we are developing to ensure that this is coach training that’s all about inclusion.

Over the summer we had a rethink about what people really need if they want to integrate a coaching style at work. We realised that a lot of people need to do a few things differently. So we turned our mini-coaching training on its head and have re-lauched it as a 90 minute video package: Effective Conversations. This shares some of the challenges that people face in conversations at work. And explores 8 simple game changers that can make a difference quickly. We are having some exciting conversations with organisations about rolling this out with large numbers of staff. Talk to us if you would like to think about this in your organisation.”

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