Su writes, “‘Bad management has prompted one in three UK workers to quit’ the headline reads. This CMI research is so depressing! Lots of reasons for this, but what caught my eye was that 82% of new managers in the UK are ‘accidental managers’. From a previous life I recall these accidental managers and how, sometimes with good intent, there was some negative impact on their teams and peers.   

One of the things I noticed was a nose-to-the-grindstone approach which left no space for reflection or development, which meant that often mistakes were repeated and issues not identified early enough. 

Spending time with a coach seeing what’s really going on is a valuable investment which has a systemic impact on the manager, on the team, and on the business. 

Although – to me – it feels so depressing that accidental managers are still being recruited, coaching can turn this around! Does this speak to you and your business?”
We can have a chat to explore 3D Coaching can enable managers as they transition into their new roles.

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