Claire writes: ‘For various lovely and practical reasons, this week I am travelling in a thinking week. This means that I need to find spaces to bring my laptop, and notebook, that enable me to do good work.

One day I worked in the 3D Office – for the first time in 3.5 years!  And today I am at Su’s.  I find that different spaces enable a different quality of thinking.  Yesterday I had a difficult conversation and it helped to be in a space that was away from my home office.

I often say that we do what we normally do when we are where we normally are.  Sometimes it can be useful to be somewhere else if we want to do or think in a different way.’

If you would like a different thinking space, two things – one it may be useful to have that away from where you normally are – even if it’s online. And secondly, talk to us if you’d like us to facilitate that

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