Claire writes: “Years ago, I worked for a low budget charity. I travelled around the country visiting universities and saved expenses by staying with university chaplains or careers advisers. One day I arrived with a host who showed me to my room and gave me a key. After a great evening with students, I returned to the house and let myself in.  All the bedroom doors were closed. And they all looked the same.  They had several young children. How do you choose which one to open without making a big mistake?

Choices can often feel like that. We don’t know what to choose, how to choose, nor indeed whether we have a choice at all.  When doors are open, our choices become more informed. I can’t remember what I did next in that house! Unless we go up to potential choices and look around the door, we will never be able to make decisions. If you have choices to make, how can you look around the door a little so you have a sense of what might be beyond the door?”

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