After the success of guest bloggers during Claire’s sabbatical, we have decided to invite a guest blogger once a month. This week, here’s Lis Whybrow who supports people who may be dying, suffering loss or grief, encouraging them to navigate what’s important so that they find hope and purpose to live life well until they die

Lis writes: “As I was walking home from a 1:1 session this lunchtime I reflected on all the butterflies around me, just as I had done only a couple of weeks ago. They danced around me and walked with me but gradually moved on ahead of me and then disappeared out of sight. I continued on my journey home.

As I watched my companion thinking and processing it was like watching the butterflies dancing in her head. Sometimes alighting in very real and tangible solutions to the questions she had arrived with. Sometimes just dropping away in the realisation that maybe that particular issue wasn’t as important for now as she had expected it to be.

She left me, armed with some more things to think about and process: all of which were ideas she herself had come up with. She then went on her way.

I won’t know if and how she processes further the stuff we talked about and it is not mine to ponder. I am just glad to have shared that part of the journey with her and see the hope and determination she took with her as she journeyed home.

Thank you Claire Pedrick MCC for teaching me to trust the process and allow those butterflies to flit in and out, without trying to provide any answers but simply to accompany my companion on that part of the journey”

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