Rebi writes: “I absolutely love the STOKeRS questions – but I’ve always struggled with the ‘R’ – how are we going to do this?’. In some recent supervision I was reflecting on the need to be brave and have courage to bring a good level of challenge to my coaching. I realised that by sometimes avoiding the Role question – I wasn’t as clear as how the thinker wanted us to work together and it left me guessing as to how much challenge the thinker might be up for. 

This revelation felt like it shone a new light on the importance of the Role question – that instead of guessing and fumbling about it the dark, this Role question helps to underpin the principle of ‘Ask Them’ and helps me as a coach to build bravery as I can more confidently be sure how the thinker wants us to think together.

It’s left me considering – what else will help me to build bravery as a coach in my conversations?” 

We’ve had so many versions of questions about the R that Claire has made a podcast which you can find here

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