Internal Coaches

Here are some video examples of people using coaching at work.  We are committed to developing coaches in organisations where we are working.  Find out more about making the best of their skills and experience in a safe way in our webinars.  If we are already working in your organisation, talk to us about joining the CPD group for others like you in the public and not for profit sectors.

At 3D our dream is for you to have such high quality internal coaches that there is little need to buy in external resource.

Benchmarking and supervision of your internal coaches (and perhaps externals) will support you and your coaches to work for the benefit of the individuals AND the organisation and ensure that the results are sustainable.

Why do I need to think about supervision and benchmarking?

When you use external or internal trainers, you probably invite course participants to give evaluations and feedback on the quality of the training they have received.  You may even send someone from your Learning and Development team in to observe the quality of the training which is being delivered.  Are you monitoring your internal and external coaches in the same way?

All our internal coaches have coach training – do we need supervision?

There is a huge variety of coach training on the market today.  Some is excellent.  Some focusses more on knowledge than on practical skill.  Do you know what standard your coaches are working at?  Are you confident that they are coaching and not overstepping boundaries into advising or therapy?  Are you confident that you are providing a totally safe process for both internal coach and the person with whom they are working? Is your internal coaching prrogramme edgy enough… or has it moved towards employee assistance?

Benchmarking their skills can boost their confidence and encourage them to develop professionally in the same way that they are supporting their coachees to develop professionally.  It will help you to manage risk more effectively. Sustainability is important for you to ensure that you receive value from your investment in training and developing your coaches. Supervision can support that process.

You will need to decide what the way forward is for your organisation

Benchmarking – is where one of our accredited coaches comes in to listen to live coaching and gives feedback against an internationally respected benchmark such as the Core Coaching Competencies of the International Coach Federation.  We can help you set up a system to do that in your organisation or talk to us about how we can help you if you are working independently. Our dream is that you will, in time, develop capacity

Mentoring – or coaching your coaches to develop their coaching skills further is primarily about skills development to ensure that all your people are working to the highest standards.

Masterclasses are an opportunity to invest in your internal coaches development and stretch them from where they are already in a way that serves the client – which is the individuals with whom they work, their teams and your organisation. Talk to us about ow we can come in and work live, or how you can access recordings to use through your organisation.

Coaching Supervision is an opportunity to allow the coaches to evaluate the roles and boundaries in the coach/ client relationship.

You may decide that you need one or other of these approaches – or a combination of both.  Talk to Claire on 01462 483798 or email and we will be happy to explore the most cost-effective and sustainable way of building your capacity and capability.