Coaching Supervision

Are you looking for some transformational supervision to stretch you as a coach and add value to the work which you do?

Are you are among the 85% of coaches and consultants who think that supervision is important… but not among the 40% who receive it?

Coaching supervision is one way to ensure excellence and simplicity in the art and science of coaching. It refines your practice as a coach, allows you to better serve your clients and their organisations and develops your coaching skills based on the ICF Core Coaching Competencies.

An increasing number of organisations require coaches to have supervision.

“I knew that I could be better as a coach, but it was only when a very experienced coach listened to my recorded coaching sessions and gave me feedback over a period of time that I had concrete things to work on. [She] acknowledges me when I am meeting the ICF competencies for the level I am aspiring to. Equally, she is very supportive in helping me see the possibilities for what I need to do differently. Every time I leave a supervision session with [her], I feel the challenge to improve my coaching for the benefit of my clients. I cannot extol the virtues of supervision enough, even for an experienced coach, and [she] is an excellent supervisor.” CN

Our supervisors

Is supervision affordable?

We have a limited number of coaching supervision spaces for individuals and people who wish to be part of a drop in group.

Book for the drop in, or pick up the phone now and call Claire on 01462 483798 to ask the questions which are on your mind about your own professional development as a coach. We work by phone, Zoom and face to face in Letchworth. Or email  We will negotiate a fee with you so that it is affordable to you.