Be Developed

Whether you are an experienced coach on the journey to mastery or if you have have done Transforming Conversations (or a minimum of 28 hours coaching training), there are many ways you can continue to learn and develop with more training, mentor coaching or supervision.  All these can help you grow and be even more effective in the conversations you have.



If you think you have forgotten what you learned about coaching, or are a coach who wants some insight into the simplicity of 3D Coaching, we run a two hour online event every term.


Recognising the value of developing coaches based on the conversations they have in the room, we recommend that mentor coaching – where your mentor will listen with you to coaching conversations that you have had – is a great piece of development.  People come to us with all levels of experience and we have mentors who can work with coaches simply doing development, or going for ICF accreditation at ACC, PCC or MCC.

Claire Pedrick and Clare Norman also offer individual and group supervision


Talk to us if you are thinking of going for accreditation