Team Coaching

SupervisionIs your team a high-performing transformational team that exceeds the standards of all those affected by their work? Or do you find that
  • members give priority to their own agendas
  • there is confusion within your organisation about what’s really important
  • or about your vision and how it can be achieved?

Is this resulting in

  • difficulty working with ambiguity, complexity and, uncertainty
  • blame
  • diminishing confidence and credibility?
Would you like to

Team coaching is more beneficial than individual coaching:

How can we evaluate the coaching we receive?

By the quality and effectiveness of the actions which arise from the coaching. The team decides what to do, when and how. The coach will work with you as you design your actions and to ensure that you you know how you will be held accountable for these, but the responsibility to decide what to do and to do it lies 100% with the team. You know team coaching works when identifiable changes happen in the way the team works.  Good team coaching will be reflected in increased energy, motivation, action and results for the team. The coach can help you to articulate what changes you need to see and how to measure them.
  • Our team coaches have many years experience and are trained in working with teams
  • ICF accredited or coaching at PCC standard and above
  • Have a portfolio of clients from corporate, not-for-profit and public sectors
  • Receive CPD and supervision

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