3D coaches offer

3D’s approach is simple – but not easy.  There’s a difference.  We have the courage to say what we see and to deal with the impact that has on those we are coaching. We don’t tinker around the edge of what our clients know, we take them somewhere they haven’t been before.We work simply and provide a space that is both challenging and supportive. You work hard, knowing that you can say whatever you need to in confidence because before we start working together we agree what should happen if we discover something that places you or your organisation at risk.  This reduces the potential of us facing ethical dilemmas.

We don’t have a fixed approach because we have learned our clients achieve what they need to more quickly when we use our expertise and skill in ways that are relevant for each of them.  You bring your agenda and knowledge of your  complex world; 3D Coaches listen with curiosity and reflect back with reference to the wider context in which you operate, prompting systemic  thinking that in turn enables organisational change.

What other people say...

“From the outset of our coaching sessions Liz assisted me to focus on the issue that were key for me. From the first session I was able to make some changes to my day to day working practices that have been invaluable. It was particularly helpful to reflect on issues around relationship management and how others may perceive my actions. The coaching has made a real difference to me in terms of my current role but also in being able to determine what direction I want my future career to take. Just a few coaching sessions has helped me reflect on what is important to me and take this forward. Thank you very much Liz and I look forward to working with you again if the opportunity arises.”

 Senior Manager, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

We couldn’t be this effective without paying attention to our professional development.  We are all accredited by or working towards accreditation with the International Coach Federation and hold coaching qualifications.

In our first conversation, we will determine together what kind of alliance we need to create in order to benefit your workplace and your people. We will work towards the best outcomes for you, your team and your organisation at a pace which suits you and your budget.  In this way both you and your employer will benefit from the investment in coaching.  This may take one conversation, or a series of conversations over weeks, months or years

‘Thank you again for six exceptionally helpful coaching sessions over the last 20 months or so.  You have asked at least one truly pivotal question each time we have met and the combined effect of these is there for all to see in me, and in the development of the business and the team.’

Email or call us on 01462 483798 to talk about how we can help you.


What other people say...“Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s session.  It did bring me up short a bit; made me realise the extent to which I’d categorised a particular issue as ‘undoable’, ‘impossible’ and/or ‘I don’t want to take responsibility for this one’  Thank you again for your valuable, straight-talking, not-falling-for-any-waffle approach. “ Senior Manager

One of the things [our coaching]made me really understand (through experiencing it) is
just how long learning can go on for – even after the actual ‘learning’
experience. A lot of the things we talked about when we were working
together made a certain kind of sense at the time, but they’ve come to make
even more sense in the meantime.” AM

 “It’s funny. After I had verbalized my thoughts to you they seemed to be lessened. Always the way, I think.” AS