Action Learning

Action Learning SetAre you looking for an effective and cost effective way to integrate learning into the workplace?

Action Learning could be the answer. According to founder Reg Revans, Action Learning is

an opportunity to have regular and purposeful conversations about current uncertainties with the absolute intention of discovering new options.

Taught learning comes from the past and from what is known. Action Learning allows new learning to come from asking questions when no one around you knows what to do. Staff teams, businesses and organisations have been transformed by using Action Learning. Universities use Action Learning as a way of supporting students to integrate theory and practice.

3D facilitators can work with Action Learning Sets in your organisation to support you to

  • learn from both theory and action and wider work and life experience by taking time to question, reflect, gain insights and plan how to act differently in future
  • work and learn at the same time
  • build social capital
  • learn from reflective practice as individuals and as an organisation

Action Learning is simple, cost effective, practical and reflective. It is based on sound theory and uses many of the core competencies of coaching.

  • Our facilitators are trained and experienced at working with groups and organisations using Action Learning
  • They are highly experienced coaches and receive coaching supervision and ongoing professional development

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