Alan Gyle

Alan Gyle


Alan is an experienced coach, organisational consultant and facilitator who brings a psychoanalytic framework of understanding to organisational development, group process and obstacles to effective team functioning. He loves working with teams.

His passion is working in the moment with the experience of individuals and teams to help them to identify their real issues, their development needs and to address their ‘health’ and effectiveness – especially in situations in which the obstacles to better performance are rooted in conflict or ingrained patterns of behaviour flowing from the unconscious mind of groups.

A graduate of the Tavistock Clinic/University of East London in Psychoanalytic Approaches to Organisational Behaviour, Alan marries a strong theoretical understanding of groups with a lively and engaging facilitative style.  His style of coaching has been developed by the 3D team with whom he now works as a team member. He has worked as an internal consultant and facilitator in the Church of England, and as an external consultant and facilitator in a number of UK and European blue chip companies.

He is trained in coaching skills by 3D and receives regular supervision.

Coaching and Consultancy Experience

Alan’s recent assignments have included:

  • Change management consultancy in a national retailer’s Support Centre re-location.
  • Facilitation of a vision-forming and ways-of-working meeting for the financial-control leadership a division of a pan-European engineering manufacturer.
  • Ways-of-working team coaching for a Diocesan leadership team.
  • Leadership Team consultancy for a leading global clothing brand in their UK/European HQ in London.
  • T-shaped consultancy training for a regional finance advisers’ group.
  • Development of a team approach to transitional support and consultancy in a church context.
  • Residential mid-career coaching and development as part of a strategy for re-equipping and re-envisioning practitioners.
  • Coaching new post-holders and leading a team responsible for induction to new-in-role clergy.
  • Facilitation of a colleague council opinion-gathering and presentation preparation for board-level engagement in a national retailer.

Experience/ Qualifications

  • Fellowship of St George’s House Windsor Castle
  • Director of Training & Development, 2C Area, Diocese of London
  • Membership of the CMD Panel of the Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England (ongoing)
  • Degrees from the Universities of Aberdeen, Oxford and East London.
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a team building session facilitated by Alan and I was very impressed by his professionalism and expertise. He pulled together a broad variety of viewpoints and quickly focused us in on a common set of clear goals and objectives.  

Category Director of a Global Manufacturing Company

Thank you so much for the interview coaching session I had with you last Wednesday. It was very helpful and productive. It gave me a focus and confidence that I found extremely useful, took with me into the interview and which obviously bore fruit! It was a great pleasure to meet you and to have the benefit of working with you…

A recent Church of England appointee