Aspiring ACCs & PCCs Mentor Coaching

In mentor coaching, you work on the nuts and bolts of how you facilitate coaching conversations and on what actually happens in the room. The work is based on observation of recordings of you coaching as well as live practice in group sesisons.

We recommend that aspiring ACC and PCC coaches work in a group. 

This is the most cost effective way of developing as a coach.  And it fulfills the ICF requirements for mentor coaching.

We recommend you start

  • ACC (when you have 50 hours coaching or 6 months before you reach 100 hours)
  • PCC (when you have 400 hours coaching or 9 months before you reach 500 hours)

We cannot guarantee you will pass – that’s up to the discretion of the examiner – our role is to support you to become a better coach and give you direct and honest feedback against the competencies with areas to develop.


Each group has a maximum of 6 people.

It includes

  • three one hour 1-1s; at the beginning, middle and end of the programme.  Here your mentor will listen with you to a recording of you working with a thinker.  Together, we explore your strengths and areas to develop. It is likely that you will submit one or two of these recordings as part of your credential application
  • seven one hour group sessions. You learning will come from coaching, observation and feedback.  Your 3D mentor will pause and give feedback against the ICF Core Competencies. This practical work is where you will do your greatest development
  • Free access to pre-recorded masterclasses by Claire Pedrick MCC on each of the the ICF core coaching competencies. These are normally £120. This frees up the group time for experiential learning.


Cost: What we charge you is based on what you charge others – contact us now by emailing to talk about how we can support your coaching journey.