About us

3D Coaching are passionate about developing and training people to use the simplest learning from coaching.

Our work is

  • simple
  • practical
  • straightforward
  • impactful

We share all our new ideas every work through our blog, Twitter  and Facebook and The Coaching Inn podcast.



3D Coaching is a small community of experienced coaches and trainers. We were established by Claire Pedrick in 1999 to provide coaching to the charity sector, where she already had presence and credibility.  In 2003 3D Coaching took on a second director and became a Limited Company. We now work across all sectors. Now a network of trusted colleagues is in place enabling us to draw on additional resources when required to meet the specific needs of our customers across the world.

Our Values

n, 3D Coaching has given at least 10% of its work and its profit away to those unable to pay and charged on a sliding scale to accommodate everyone.  Generosity and fairness are at the core of what we do.

Wherever possible we use local suppliers who share our values and seek ways to partner in order to benefit local communities and/or community groups.  Everyone receives equal fees regardless of what we are paid by the customer.  We share our profits. We all have ongoing professional development, an annual team residential and regular supervision.

All our coaches adhere to the standards and ethics of the International Coach Federation