Our Philosophy

People often ask what models we use in coaching and where our ideas come from.  We believe that a coaching style is more a behaviour that is formed through practice and reflection, than a box of knowledge that can be learned.  Becoming a master coach is like winning Masterchef – it’s all about distilling what you know into something more powerful, more simple and more effective.

We also believe that :

  • You are the material – coaches need to model vulnerability, bravery and not being the expert
  • Less is more – doing less may add more value than adding wisdom
  • The contract is never the contract
  • We assume that people are robust enough to deal with their own stuff – unless it turns out they are not and we need to have  different kind of conversation
  • Everything is normal
  • Be attentively not bothered
  • The best questions come from the thinker
  • Don’t interrupt their thinking
  • Never apologise (unless it’s an ethical thing!)
  • Words are overrated
  • The most significant learning happens after we have finished
  • Transformation happens in a container
  • Everything is in connection
  • It’s not a date, it’s a dance
  • Working this simply is not easy… and is transformational!