Clare Norman PCC

Clare Norman - 3D CoachClare coaches leaders of all levels to perform at their best. Her core belief is that great leadership creates a multiplication effect on business results. By acting as a thinking partner, her aim is to creatively unlock human potential, fostering enhanced behaviours, culture change and significant business impact. She majors in 1-1 leader and transition coaching, action learning and coach supervision. Clare combines her deep expertise in leadership and coaching with an understanding of the challenges her corporate clients face, such as transitioning to a larger cross-border role and leading virtual teams.


Leadership coaching
Clare often finds herself coaching people on being an authentic leader, leading others 1-1 and leading teams, as well as managing upwards. It is her core belief that developing people leads to greater business results, and she challenges her clients to invest more time in their people in service of business outcomes. Clare has deep experience of leading in a virtual environment, which enables her to support and challenge others in the same position.

Clare’s approach to coaching is simple, non-directive, client-centred, encouraging clients to work and think in an adult way with themselves and towards others. She helps people to look at things from different perspectives and explore options creatively. Clare contracts for results with her clients and their organisation, and holds her clients accountable for their actions, pinning them down and following up. Couple that with her use of intuition to say what she sees, and you get a transformational blend.
Individuals say that Clare helps them to think deeply for themselves; that she enables them to bring greater degrees of balance and purpose to their work and life; and that she provides a safe environment, in which to make sometimes uncomfortable changes happen.

Transition Coaching

Clare also has experience in coaching leaders through transition points, such as taking on a new leadership role with increases in scope and scale; switching organisations; being made redundant. She uses her personal experience of change and her knowledge of the emotional impact to support people to make better endings, work through the no-man’s land, and then make a great beginning.

Action Learning
Clare has facilitated multiple action learning sets, where leaders bring their issues for coaching from their peers. The group members learn to coach at the same time as receiving coaching. Participants also report an increase in trust between the group members, enabling more collaboration across functions. The Individualised Leadership Programme, which used an action learning approach, won the Brandon Hall Award for Excellence in Coaching and Mentoring.

Supervising Executive Coaches
Having worked as an internal coach herself, Clare is familiar with the ethical dilemmas facing internal coaches. She is a certified coach supervisor, and supervises coaches to pay attention to what needs to shift in them to enable their client to shift.

Education and Qualifications