3D Ideas 805: In the Muscle

Claire writes: “This term I have embarked on a significant piece of professional development starting with a 6 day immersion programme. One of my fellow delegates talked about getting the skill into the muscle. Along with a massage that went deep into my physical muscle, there was much to ponder.

The Asaro Tribe say that “Knowledge is only a rumour until it lives in the muscle.” We practised and simplified over and over again so that we are continue to embody what we are learning. That’s the joy of development and also an insight that the journey to mastery and simplicity is lifelong.

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2 thoughts on “3D Ideas 805: In the Muscle

  1. I really love the paradox of mastery and simplicity, or is it a paradox ?! Anyway whatever it is I agree that for us to draw on our learning we need to access it through our body, muscle and bone, and of course our heart is a very special muscle. It has taken me a long time to travel the long distance I had needed to create from my head to my heart in order to survive my tricky childhood. What a relief to have come through the challenges and struggles to get here and draw from my strong heart muscle to support me in life and work.
    On reflection I think mastery is simplicity actually, finding the essence, and the freedom to work in an emergent way with our whole self each moment.
    Lovely photo.

  2. Mastery IS simplicity – I like that!

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