3D Ideas 784: Wobble

Claire writes: “Remember last week’s blog when I wrote ‘If we pin down the content too much, we undervalue the capacity of the group to be generative’? We had to remind ourselves that when we went out, notebooks in hand, to think about how we were going to work with the group.

We wobbled. It’s normal. We are hard wired that content is a good thing. I’m glad we held our nerve – and remembered that we had in fact been preparing for 50 years between us for that day. Our role was to create a container in which the participants could do their thinking – bringing together things that they already know – with others insights as catalysts, challenge and affirmation. And all that requires is for us to work out together

And then to ask, so now…?

I have learned so much from Val Hastings this week about how we work. More will undoubtedly emerge as we process over the next few weeks. But for now, the learning for us from that wobble is that great training isn’t a complete sentence with a full stop. It’s a bringing together of things followed by a comma. The rest of the learning will be completed by the great wisdom and knowledge that is in the room.”

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