3D Ideas 774: Tennis

Claire writes: “Johanna Konta’s tennis secret is to trust the process – whether it’s the first game or match point she does what she has learned works. The most common feedback we get at the end of our 4 day Transforming Conversations course is that it works. And that always comes from someone who has started out very sceptically.

Maybe it’s the season, because tennis metaphors have been useful learning this month. When we think about pace in conversations, we needs a smooth flow between a question and a response. As I listen to people developing a coaching approach, it’s also noticeable that sometimes questions feel like a serving machine. And sometimes the person facilitating the conversation catches every response and holds onto it while they work out what to do next – when the person thinking just needs a tiny phrase to keep them thinking. Pace is an art – and one which needs to be co-created. (and on the subject of tennis, a surprising volley can also be useful in moving the game on)”

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