3D Juggling 447: Formula 1 Team

Lynn writes “The other day Jane and I were working on a tender together for some work in a large public sector organisation. We were trying to explain “transformational facilitation” – a way of working that can lead individuals and groups into territory that is so new they may not even have dreamed of it.

In organisations, work can be like driving a formula 1 racing car – fast and furious, exhilarating and most of the time pretty scary. You have to rely on your team at every pit stop to give you sustaining fuel and to change your tyres to those that are most appropriate for the conditions on the track.
What we do at 3D is help managers to experientially learn to drive at break neck speed if necessary and to enjoy the buzz. We work with the whole team to understand their roles at pit stops and to determine the fuel and tyres correctly. The transformational piece is when individuals and teams are able to see that they have fair weather and wet tyres and can be innovative and change or adapt these to be for oil spillage or snow. Or can look at a different formation of the tyres they already use, 2 wet at the front 2 fair at the back or perhaps diagonal placement…..!

If you look at the Brawn team they have challenged the status quo in the racing world by making adaptations to their car which are so effective people want to make them illegal as others can’t compete!

Calculated risk is what makes individuals and organisations grow as Peter Sauber (owner of the Sauber Formula 1 team) said: “It is the head and not the foot that is instrumental in any one driver’s achievement. Few consider that.”

Do you want to work with your team to consider how to “use their heads” in a new and innovative way – from a completely different perspective?”

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