Community of Practice:

Equipping the Saints: Getting Better Together

Welcome to the Community of Practice.  We will be building this area of the site up over the next few months for dioceses and regional church groups who want to develop skills in those who have engaged in Transforming Conversations (Coaching for Excellence) or equivalent training? Read the journey here

Whatever is going to happen needs to emerge in response to your needs.  3D will act as a catalyst to enable this to happen.


Equipping people to have better conversations is about sustained growth, discipleship and development.  It is also about recognising the financial and kingdom cost of poor conversations through


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Some of the things we think will be useful in your development:

Quad Practice

You can create your own small groups of 4 people to continue to give and receive coaching and feedback against the ICF competencies.  This might be local or virtual and needs no external input.

3D can

Mentor Coaching for Accreditation

You will need to develop one or two people who are more confident and competent at using a coaching approach.  Having one or two people in your diocese on the journey to ICF accreditation is a robust way of supporting this.  Once they are accredited they will be able to run mentor coaching for others.

3D can

Developing Lead Coaches

Lead Coaches are people who are already having mentor coaching leading towards ICF accreditation and will be developing their skills to offer 1-1 coaching and support inside and outside their diocese.  They can take roles like

Lead coaches must be experienced delivering emergent learning and be confident and competent enough in using a simple coaching style to be able to do the coaching demonstration.

3D can


Sharing Learning Nationally and Globally

Churches across the world are beginning to recognise that a coaching culture can support mission and development.

3D will


Getting Together – Community of Practice

We are in contact with many dioceses who are exploring and developing better conversations.  All of you are in areas where there are local and regional coaching groups which can support your development.  We are aware that using a coaching style in other conversations in your unique contexts is similar and different and that there are plenty of ideas and lessons to be shared as you try and develop good practice in the church.  Through encouraging people who are good and want to get better to meet and learn together, who knows what might be possible?  You could send a couple of representatives. These people could learn and feedback into their own local networks and begin to get a sense of what the church needs nationally as well as locally.

3D can

Contact the 3D office or any of our team to talk about what next for you?