3D Ideas 762: A general sense of direction

Claire writes: “I’ve always been someone who prefers a general sense of direction over goals and targets.  Reading David Megginson’s Beyond Goals affirms that I’m not the only one.  So it was with mixed feelings that three weeks into 2017 I committed to a goal and a target: doing the same 13.6 mile sponsored walk every month for a year to raise £12000 for research into Motor Neurone Disease.  The friend who was part of the good idea over a coffee had recently been diagnosed with MND – as had our next door neighbour.  We calculated that if ten people walked every month and each raised £100, we would reach our goal.


That was 11 weeks ago.  10 people walked in February, 19 in March and 59 in April – and we have already hit our £12000 target.  We are learning that it’s easier to build a movement when you don’t think that’s what you’re doing!  And that backfilling systems and admin support isn’t the end of the world.  And that our new direction of ‘onwards and upwards’ is enough of a motivation to keep recruiting walkers and sponsors.


Most of the 3D team will be walking at some stage and we promise that we will only speak of the walk in this blog twice in the 12 months.  If you’d love to walk with us, or to donate, all the details are on our Just Giving page.”

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