Coaching is the ancient art of conversation. Conversation with an edge.

At 3D Coaching we take the simplest and best parts of coaching as we

  • develop and train people to transform conversations – 1-1 and in groups
  • work with individuals discerning what next?
  • deliver high quality conversations – face to face and on Skype
  • share all our ideas freely
  • speak at events round the country

Develop your coaching skills


Everything we do fits with the core coaching competencies of the International Coach Federation.

Latest from the blog
3D Ideas 737: Treadmill

Claire writes: “We have a saying in the office after a holiday: The purpose of the first day back is to get to the end of the day! I’m noticing lots of people are coming back from breaks with some resolution to apply some of the reflections that the break brought.  And yet,  too often, […]

3D Juggling 735: Partnership

Claire writes: “Call centres often drive me bananas.  They probably drive many of the people who work there bananas, too.  So often I feel done to as they read out a set of pre-formed questions – none of which seem to get us any closer to solving my problem.  And then last week I find […]

Our Clients Say It Best
You have been inspirational in helping us understand how easy and powerful coaching can be
I didn't know what to expect but this has been really exciting and really good. You have helped me with what I needed to know. And I will certainly recommend to my colleagues that they come and have a session too
Really grateful for such a well crafted course which enabled me to be in a much more confident place in just four days! Stunning!
Just to say how amazingly energising and helpful I found our meeting today - thank you so much! You have a real and fabulous gift for helping people get to a clarity that rings true at an inner heart/gut level.
A note of thanks for the thought provoking session you took us through last week ...It's great to come away with a practical and useful set of ideas that translate easily into practice.
Thank you. You have been instrumental in supporting so many of us to give of our best.

Thank you for all the ways in which you have helped us... The coaching training has been a huge blessing and lever for change within the organisation. You have added a great deal of value and we very much appreciate it.
“For me, the best conference yet: made by the venue and Clare Norman's input. And gosh I've just realised the equally charismatic Claire Pedrick is part of the same company. Wow!”
South West Councils